Crowd Funded and Crowd Researched


After I get one prototype working reasonably well I will update this page with conditions for a prize for improvements in the design.

Crowd Research Prizes

        The "goodness number" (GN) will be miles flown in one day (relative to air).

        Improvements of X percent over the previous GN  will get a prize payout of the amount X * Y dollars.   The Y will start at $200 but can increase as we get crowd funding.    

        Each time a prize is awarded the GN benchmark will be adjusted. 

Technical Requirements

  Must use Fomular 250 or foam on Amazon

  Must use Maslow CNC if any CNC unless expected prize payout is more than twice the cost of the CNC.  If a new CNC is once accepted it will always be an option for future contestants.

  All parts except solar panels and Fomular 250 must be from Amazon
  Must be solar/battery/electric - no gas/fuel or fuel cells, etc
  Solar panels can be anyplace with public prices but we like
  Must use iNav on flight controller but can pick any FC 

              (We might be convinced to also allow ArduPilot if some good reason).

  The total for all the parts must be under 500 US  
      Not counting cost of radio or flight controller but must have both in operation/weight.
      Can pro-rate foam, tape, covering etc)
  If change is a slight mod from a previous build (propeller, motor, battery, iNav settings) then
      don't need to build but need to provide convincing explanation why it will improve things

Official Entry Must

A entrant with new wing build must do the following:
  publish CNC code for wing  (must use 250 Fomular and Maslow)
  publish list of parts on Amazon
  publish video of build and total build time (not counting CNC time) must be under 16 hours
       published can be speed up as long as post speedup factor
  publish video of flight
  give Vince the rights to the above and copy of video etc.
  any parts from Amazon that were in previous design must have been bought using link
      such that Vince gets some moneyJudging


Then Vince can test by building and testing:
 Goodness number is miles flown in day with always 30 minutes of flight battery in reserve.
 Can test in big circle flight

All contestants get access to all previous winning designs.




       We would like to get Crowd Funding and also have Crowd Research.   Both of these could benefit from some promotion.   Probably we will advertise on Facebook to groups interested in RC Airplanes,  iNav,  Maslow, aerodynamics research, etc.


These terms and conditions can change at any time.   Judgment by Vince is final.  There is no appeal.   Vince will try to be fair.  



Payment of Crowd Research Prizes will be in Bitcoin/Paypal/ or Western Union.   Crowd funding can be done with XXXX.





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