SN1 - First custom plane

We are working on a clean sheet wing design that has perfect places for 8 solar panels, Jetson nano, DJI Air Unit, supercapacitor, motors, servos, wires, etc.  But the CAD software for this is at the office and in our current Covid situation working on solar airplanes is "non essential", so not a good enough reason to leave the house.   Also leaving your house to fly RC airplanes has been against the law for the last 3 weeks, as I understand it.   We have planned to eventually make a VTOL plane.  Since such a plane could fry from our house, even during lockdowns, this seems like a higher priority now.

Also, we have the "test wing" that we made just to see if the idea of CNC cutting a frame out of foam and covering it was reasonable.  We can probably make get this to fly and learn something, since it is at home and we can play with it.   This can be a step toward our VTOL plane.

The first step was to use a hacksaw to cut out a bit from each leading corner so we could mount motors.

The first side seems fine but the second side only has a thin layer of foam behind part of the cut area.   This is not thick enough for the screws.

So on the easy side we can mount the motor.   When drilling the holes we angled in a bit so the holes won't be at the edge of the foam.   Dropped screws in one by one so later drilling was all lined up.  Then gorilla glued them all and held in place with rubber bands.

And the hard side we mounted some more foam with gorilla glue.  When the glue is dry tomorrow we can mount the motor for this side.

Put on props and started on controls.   Tested that there is in fact plenty of lift.

Update June 3, 2021.


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