Solar Panel Unboxing


We got our solar panels from!   They were very well packed and all seem fine.  The cost was $1.90/watt.  They are so small and light that express shipping from Taiwan to the USA was very reasonable.  

They also included 2 MPPT boards and some wire good for solar panels for free.  The solar panels are about 15 inches by 5.5 inches.

We got 18 solar panels and the total weight for all 18 was about 528 grams or 29.3 grams per panel.

The side view showing how thick a stack of 18 solar panels is:

The back of one panel showing wiring:

These panels are their F2X5S panels.   The MPPT voltage for these is 5.72V and at that voltage it produces 2.04 amps for a total of 11.66 watts.

Next to get them on a plane and into the air.   These seem like a very good product for solar RC airplanes.   Very happy with them so far.    

We will probably put 4 on an Opterra (46.4 watts) and then 8 on a custom airplane (93.3 watts).


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